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Building trust in your business




This website is currently under construction and is due to be launched in October 2014 – If you are interested in any of our services please email Deap Khambay at or telephone +44 (0)7971 833 808

The world is transforming at a rapid rate. Is your business able to keep up?

Company strategy, decisions and actions are increasingly subject to scrutiny from all stakeholders. There is growing awareness of Responsible Business and a trend towards higher expectations.

Today, it is crucial that all organisations have a defined set of values and clearly stated ethical guidelines which are both actionable and measurable across the organisation. We are a forward thinking Responsible Business consultancy committed to unlocking the hidden opportunities to add value through adopting a Responsible Business approach.



1. Brand analysis and strategy development

2. Research

3. Employee Engagement programme “Bridging the Gap”

4. Stakeholder Dialogues

5. Risk Management

“Profit motive aligned with social outcome. Is it alchemy? These values, they’re real, personal and deeply held…. It’s strategy… Don’t tell me it can’t be done. I represent a different kind of one percent. I represent the one percenters that have piloted moral capitalism and delivered empirical results.”
- Jeff Swartz (Former CEO, Timberland)