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Transforms your brand reputation, performance and profits



Ethical Value is a forward-thinking responsible business consultancy; we work with you to transform your brand reputation, performance and profits.  Our organisation provides cutting edge business strategy and development services. To find out more about us click here.


* Become an industry leader, driving best practice forward to create a sustainable and innovative competitive advantage

* Leveraging brand awareness into new markets

* Attract and retain highly skilled employees motivated through aligned purpose and values of the business

* Minimising risk by identifying and measuring both tangible and intangible value that go beyond regulatory compliance with transparency

* Creating a trusted brand legacy through building win-win-win relationships with key stakeholders


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“Profit motive aligned with social outcome. Is it alchemy? These values, they’re real, personal and deeply held…. It’s strategy… Don’t tell me it can’t be done. I represent a different kind of one percent. I represent the one percenters that have piloted moral capitalism and delivered empirical results.”
- Jeff Swartz (Former CEO, Timberland)