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Building trust in your business




The world is transforming at a rapid rate. Is your business able to keep up?

Company strategy, decisions and actions are increasingly subject to scrutiny from all stakeholders. There is growing awareness of Responsible Business and a trend towards higher expectations.

Today, it is crucial that all organisations have a defined set of values and clearly stated ethical guidelines which are both actionable and measurable across the organisation. We are a forward thinking Responsible Business consultancy committed to unlocking the hidden opportunities to add value through adopting a Responsible Business approach.



1. Brand analysis and strategy development

2. Research

3. Employee Engagement programme “Bridging the Gap”

4. Stakeholder Dialogues

5. Risk Management


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“Profit motive aligned with social outcome. Is it alchemy? These values, they’re real, personal and deeply held…. It’s strategy… Don’t tell me it can’t be done. I represent a different kind of one percent. I represent the one percenters that have piloted moral capitalism and delivered empirical results.”
- Jeff Swartz (Former CEO, Timberland)